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    La Quinta Inn & Suites

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    3-4 March

About Event

This two-day virtual conference focuses on translational aspects of addiction research among chemists, biologists, and behavioral scientists. The diversity of participants and attendees at this meeting (undergraduate students to senior faculty, chemists to psychiatrists) provides a unique venue for networking among different disciplines and in so doing promotes new and innovative approaches to medications development in addictions biology. The meeting provides a stimulating environment for young scientists who are strongly encouraged to present their work and interact with senior scientists. The BBC meeting has served as a “launch pad” for many young, innovative investigators to join the ever-growing world of SUD research.

2018 Featured Speakers


James M Cook, PhD

Topic: Design of benzodiazepine/GABA(A) ergic subtype selective ligands as potential nonsedating treatments for pain disorders, epilepsy and anxiety disorders with little or no tolerance


Michael J Kuhar, PhD

Topic: The internet: we can teach you anywhere


Edward V Nunes, MD

Topic: Treatment of opioid use disorder: recent findings and next directions

Plenary Symposium

The conundrum of cannabis and cannabinoids

Many people are likely to associate cannabis or marijuana with illicit activities. However, there is evidence that cannabis can help in various medical conditions, and more and more US states are legalizing the use of “medical” and recreational marijuana. This symposium brings together leading experts who will share their insights into the chemical, pharmacological, clinical, and regulatory aspects of cannabis and cannabinoids.


Symposium Speakers


Brian F Thomas, PhD

RTI International

Plants vs Zombies- The past, present, and future of cannabinoid chemistry


Jenny Wiley, PhD

RTI International

Weed in the garden of science: pharmacology of THC and synthetic cannabinoids


Scott E Lukas, PhD

McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Splendor in the grass: clinical and neurobiological effects of recreational and medical cannabis


Mark A R Kleiman, PhD

NYU - Marron Institute of Urban Development

How not to make a hash out of cannabis policy