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    La Quinta Inn & Suites

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    14-15 March

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This two-day virtual conference focuses on translational aspects of addiction research among chemists, biologists, and behavioral scientists. The diversity of participants and attendees at this meeting (undergraduate students to senior faculty, chemists to psychiatrists) provides a unique venue for networking among different disciplines and in so doing promotes new and innovative approaches to medications development in addictions biology. The meeting provides a stimulating environment for young scientists who are strongly encouraged to present their work and interact with senior scientists. The BBC meeting has served as a “launch pad” for many young, innovative investigators to join the ever-growing world of SUD research.

2015 Featured Speakers


Amy Newman, PhD


Topic: Drug design for addiction


Andrew Coop, PhD

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


George Woody, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Topic: Progress in addiction treatment: from one-size fits all to medications and treatment matching

Plenary Symposium

TAAR1: From Chemistry to Behavior and Its Implications in Drug Abuse

Trace amines refer to a family of minute amount metabolites of aromatic amino acids that include octopamine, tyramine, beta-phenethylamine as well as several other non-catechol amines. Although trace amines were discovered more than 100 years ago, their effects have long been considered non-specific until 2001 when two groups independently cloned a specific trace amine associated receptor (TAAR1). More than a decade has passed since the cloning of TAAR1 and some exciting findings have been emerging in the past several years with the availability of genetically modified mice and the discovery of highly selective TAAR1 ligands. This symposium will discuss the state-of-the-art of TAAR1 research including medicinal chemistry, genetics, pharmacology, and behavior with a special focus on its implications in drug abuse.


Symposium Speakers


Gregory Miller, PhD

Northeastern University

TAAR1 and drugs of abuse


Giuseppe Cecere, PhD

F. Hoffman-La Roche

A medicinal chemistry journey toward selective TAAR1 ligands


David Grandy, MD

Oregon Health and Science University

The selective TAAR1 antagonist EPPTB reveals two mechanisms of action underlying methamphetamine's stimulant effect in mice


Jun-Xu Li, PhD

University of Buffalo

Effects of TAAR1 agonists on behavioral indices of drugs of abuse