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    La Quinta Inn & Suites

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    20-22 March

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This two-day virtual conference focuses on translational aspects of addiction research among chemists, biologists, and behavioral scientists. The diversity of participants and attendees at this meeting (undergraduate students to senior faculty, chemists to psychiatrists) provides a unique venue for networking among different disciplines and in so doing promotes new and innovative approaches to medications development in addictions biology. The meeting provides a stimulating environment for young scientists who are strongly encouraged to present their work and interact with senior scientists. The BBC meeting has served as a “launch pad” for many young, innovative investigators to join the ever-growing world of SUD research.

2009 Featured Speakers


Richard Glennon, PhD

Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Virginia Commonwealth University

Topic: Behavioral Studies and SAR


Terry Kenakin, PhD

GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development Laboratories at Research Triangle Park, NC

Topic: The Chemist-Biologist Interface in Drug Discovery: Forming a Basis of Understanding


Thomas Kosten, PhD

Baylor College of Medicine and Michael E DeBakery VA Medical Center

Topic: Pharmacotherapy of Stimulants: From Antabuse to Vaccines


Plenary Speakers


Kelly A Berg, PhD

University of Texas Health Science Center

5-HT2C receptor pharmacology: Roles for functional selectivity, constitutive receptor activity and mRNA-editing


Kathryn A Cunningham, PhD

University of Texas Medical Branch

Serotonin 5-HT2C receptor and its protein partners: Prospects for addiction pharmacotherapy


Amarnath Natarajan, PhD

University of Texas Medical Branch

Mining protein: protein interactions for new therapeutic targets in addiction


Scott R Gilbertson, PhD

University of Texas Medical Branch

Synthetic chemistry at a Health Science Institution; CNS receptors to proteases as targets