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  • Trainee Spotlight: Alex M Wasserman, PhD
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  • September 14, 2021

Trainee Spotlight: Alexander M Wasserman, PhD - His experience in the T32 Program!

Dr. Alexander M Wasserman earned his PhD in developmental psychology from the University of Nebraska in the summer of 2018. Shortly thereafter, he joined the T32 program and the Neurobehavioral Research Lab and Clinic, mentored by Donald M Dougherty, PhD, in the Department of Psychiatry, where he pursued his research interests in the neurobiological mechanisms of adolescent risk behavior. In addition to his substantive area of research, Dr. Wasserman also has a keen interest in quantitative methods and regularly applies advanced techniques to address his research questions. Dr. Wasserman’s accomplishments during his postdoctoral training include three first-author publications (one of which was featured on the Society for Research on Adolescence’s webpage), 2nd place poster award at the Long School of Medicine Research Day, and providing mentorship to undergraduate and medical school volunteers (one who contributed to a publication for second authorship and four who contributed to poster presentations).  

After completing the training program, Dr. Wasserman accepted a faculty position as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods in the Department of Psychology at the Ohio State University. At his new position, he will continue his research in the development of adolescent risk behavior as well as pursue his passion in the applications of quantitative methods. Moreover, he will pursue new lines of research, such as refining the role of internalizing pathology (e.g., depression) in the development of substance use problems.