Organization: Housekeeping and Event Services

Housekeeping and Event Services


Manager: John Commey, Assistant Director of Facilities Management for Housekeeping and Event Services

Office Location: Dental School building, Room 1.265S

Office Phone: (210) 567-2938


Housekeeping and Event Services provides cleaning services to administrative, academic, research labs and some auxiliary areas. A program of custodial care is provided to each building based upon the facility and the needs of its users and occupants.


Housekeeping and Event Services cleans approximately 2.5 million square feet of university space. We serve students, faculty, academic and research staff members. Our goal is to provide clean healthy buildings for the HSC community in order to facilitate the educational process and to provide quality work in keeping up with one of the finest University campuses for medical, dental, nursing and research facilities in the country.


Although scheduled cleaning is performed Monday through Friday during evening hours, emergency personnel are available at most other times to provide non-routine services. Daytime staff is radio-dispatched for quick response to trouble calls and are available seven days a week for trouble calls and special set-ups. Examples of special services include custodial event support, providing tables and chairs and accommodating caterers as needed. We also provide UT seals for podiums and US and Texas flag sets. Pest control is also available on request.


Visit our 'Request Work Online' page to initiate a service request.




Custodial Services Supports Recycling


Custodial Services is an active participant in the HSC's Recycling program. When the recycle units are full they are called in for pick up. In addition, upon request Custodial Services will deliver large dumpsters to customers to allow them to purge records. Upon completion they are picked up and taken to the large recycle containers and disposed.

To view the locations of the many recycling bins installed on the Lozano Long and Greehey campuses, click here. Also, a number of recycling dumpsters have been installed on both campuses and also at the Texas Research Park. Click on the maps below to view their locations: