Hot and Cold Calls

Hot and Cold Calls


Area Too Hot or Cold?


If there is an office, lab, or classroom that is either too hot or too cold, you can either:

  • contact the Utilities Control Room at 567-2946 during normal office hours, M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm, or
  • submit a Report-A-Problem

When calling, please be specific as to the location or space that is uncomfortable. Provide a departmental contact who is familiar with the problem and other conditions of the location.


When submitting a Report-A-Problem,

  • select 'Temperature or Ventilation' from the list of general problem areas
  • describe the problem in detail
  • specify your location using the Campus, Building, and Room dropdown menus
  • if you are unable to select your location using the dropdown menus, use the space below the menus to enter your location


Per the Health Science Center Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) Chapter 9 - Facilities, Section 9.2 - University Facilities, Policy 9.2.4 - Utilities:


Using the most efficient means of energy, it is the administrative policy to provide and maintain an acceptable environment compatible with the goals and missions of the Health Science Center. The normal temperature setting for all areas is 75° F during routine hours. This is subject to adjustment to meet special requirements upon the request by the department Chair and review by Facilities Management. In order to conserve energy, to keep the range of temperature within appropriate standards, and to reduce fire hazards, no portable electric heaters may be used. Only permanently installed, or otherwise approved, supplemental heating is allowed. Persons who need supplemental heat should contact Facilities Management for investigation of that need. If additional heat is needed and cannot be supplied by adjustments in the usual heating system, supplemental heating should be supplied in the form of permanently installed heaters or other approved units.