Fixed Price Services

Fixed Price Services


Fixed Price Services provides a means by which customers can quickly obtain pricing information for some of the most commonly requested types of work. It gives departments the ability to budget for the job without requesting and waiting for estimates and allows Facilities Management to route the work request straight to its various Trade Shops for completion.


Pricing of the work packages were determined using Facilities Management's extensive historical database of thousands of previously completed work. The pricing gives an accurate assessment of what the costs are to do the work in the ever-changing and challenging environment of the Health Science Center.


These are billed at a set rate, require no design effort, and can be expedited through the system. These services have a set scope of work and are not flexible in dealing with changing requirements.


Fixed Price work requests are typically accomplished during normal business hours. If the work is required to be completed during after-hours, the cost of the billable work will be adjusted to reflect actual costs.


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Office Renovation Options


Choose from Basic or Premium office renovation options. Asbestos abatement is not included.


Refresh Office :: Basic
Starting price *
  Includes -
  · Paint all walls
  · Replace ceiling tiles  
  · Paint ceiling grid  
  · Re-lamp all lights  
  · Clean lights  
  · Clean/paint diffusers  
  · Clean flooring  
  · Paint door/frame  
  · Move furniture as required  
  · Schedule for minimum inconvenience  
* Standard office is defined as 100 - 120 sq ft.



Refresh Office :: Premium
Starting price*
  Includes -
  · All Basic Refresh Office items listed above
  · New Carpet or VCT (vinyl composition tile) tile selection from   standard colors  
  · Move furniture as required  
  · Schedule for minimum inconvenience  
* Standard office is defined as 100 - 120 sq ft.



Paint Office
Starting price*
  Accent wall option
Starting price per office *
  · Color selection for one wall from standard accent color options
  · Move furniture as required  
  · Schedule for minimum inconvenience  
* Standard office is defined as 100 - 120 sq ft.



New Office Flooring
Starting price*
    · Color selection from standard color options  
    · Carpet or VCT tile  
    · Does not include asbestos abatement  
    · Does not include moving/replacing built-in cabinets  
    · Move furniture as required  
    · Schedule for minimum inconvenience  
* Standard office is defined as 100 - 120 sq ft.



Replace Office Ceiling Tiles
Starting price*
    · Install new ceiling tiles
* Standard office is defined as 100 - 120 sq ft.

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Electrical Services


Install an Electrical Outlet
  Additional outlet in same room
  · Normal duplex or quad outlets, 120V, 208V, 220V service
· Additional outlets must be installed at same time of first outlet



Install an Emergency Electrical Outlet - "Red Plug"
  Additional outlet in same room
  · Emergency power availability based upon generator capacity
· Additional outlets must be installed at same time of first outlet



Install a Freezer Alarm connection
  Additional connection in same room
  · Does not include electrical outlets
  · Additional connections must be installed at same time of first   connection  


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Engraving Services


Name Tags
    · Clip-on
    · Pin-on
    · Wall plate
    · Plaques (award, certificate, etc.)

· Desk plate: traditional wood or modern steel




Plaque Tag Engraving  
    · Engrave one line of text on customer- provided plaque tags



Door Window Frosting
    Door frosting is a quick and highly effective way to provide privacy or to dress up an existing window. Customer may request that the window frosting extend all the way to the edge of the glass or provide for a ½” reveal, all at the same price. We offer three different configurations with fixed costs:
    · Apply frost to a standard door lite
per door
    · Apply frost to a half-door window
per door
    · Apply frost to a full door
per door



Aesthetic Modifications to Doors and Windows
  Vinyl lettering can be added to any smooth surface showing department names, titles, or other text.  Additionally, we can add the official UTHSCSA logo.  Text or logos can also be combined with window frosting to provide for a sophisticated look.  
  · Up to three lines of text  
per door
  · Add official full color UTHSCSA logo  
per door


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Lock Shop


Access Control Per-Door, Per-Service Trip
per door/per trip

Access Control personnel will charge a fixed rate per door, per service trip to do one of the following:

  • Change the lock core of a standard door lock. The replacement core must be of a group assigned to the department and must meet institutional guidelines
  • Change a card reader combination
  • Retrieve stored archive data from stand-alone card readers
  • Add or remove users from card swipe-enabled card readers



Install Card Reader
per door

Institutional policy requires that the lock core be changed to a highly restricted key, controlled by the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and the UT Police departments. Installation of the restricted secure master core is provided in the installation price.


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Other Services


Program Study
  A Program Study is a concise, quick study that will identify the scope of work for a project based upon customer input and a brief interview with the customer. A sketch of the project location showing the intended work items along with a bulleted scope of work will be prepared. A cover letter from Facilities Management will give a range estimate based upon historical costs and can be used as a budgeting number.


Once the programming study is completed, the work order will be closed. Estimates will be representative for the scope of work presented and are good for 90 days.


Once the customer procures funding and is committed to proceeding with the project, the customer will submit a new work order using the program study work order as a reference. A full design will be prepared along with an accurate line-item estimate for the customers' review and approval. All costs associated with design services once the project has been resubmitted are fully billable to the department.



Hang Pictures, Plaques, Etc.
per room
    · Hang small items such as artwork, diplomas, etc..
· Charge is per room and all items must be hung in one trip
Work will be scheduled in advance with the requestor

Note: Picture rails, as displayed in many of our corridors, are not
considered as a Fixed Price Service. Please submit the
installation of picture rails as a renovation.




Add a Shelving Unit
    · Heavy duty custom-made shelving unit with three 3 ft. shelves, installation included
· Custom colors available




Request Electronic Plans
per plan
    · Adobe Acrobat PDF document showing layouts for
  UTHSCSA-owned properties


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