Organization:Project Management and Construction

Project Management and Construction


Project Management

Reuben Pinkson, Director, Project Management & Design

Office Location: Facilities Management Building, Room 168.D
Office Phone: (210) 567-2911


The Project Management division is staffed with experienced professionals that have been highly trained in managing projects. With expertise consisting of years of experience, professional certifications, and extensive training in project management techniques, these highly trained personnel supervise and coordinate both in-house effort of approximately 60 employees and outside contractors in the completion of projects. Project Managers are assigned to projects that require complex interactions of trades and/or coordination with external contractors. Smaller projects are managed by the Construction Division Superintendent and Trade Shop Supervisors.


Construction Project Managers


Waseem Alezz 450-8379
Ahmed Almoola 567-2069
Mustafa Almoola 567-2913
Joseph Zatopek 450-8032


Construction Specialists


Dalia Cavazos 567-2809
David Valadez 450-8401




Jeffrey Patterson, Manager, Construction

Office Location: Facilities Management Building, Room 145.A
Office Phone: (210) 567-2029


The Construction division has comprehensive shops consisting of multi-disciplined trades. With , Carpenters, Electricians, Engravers, Masons, Painters, Plumbers, and Sheet metal workers, the ability to tackle almost any project is available using Health Science Center personnel. Expertise consists of Master Electricians, Master Plumbers and other professionals with 30+ years of experience with medical facilities construction. This gives unparalleled flexibility in scheduling completion and responding to contingency situations.


With a full cadre of support contractors to fill any short term requirements, the Health Science Center has the ability to provide quality construction services. Everything from minor office renovations to multi-million dollar lab renovations are within the capabilities and expertise of the in-house construction professionals.