University Scheduling to return to 100% room capacity on 6/1/21.

University Scheduling


The University Scheduling office is responsible for the scheduling of all academic and non academic events of the HSC. Included in this responsibility is the scheduling of rooms for all academic courses of the five schools comprising the HSC, and all non-curricular events sponsored or hosted by university departments. Additionally, University Scheduling also publishes a variety of calendars to inform students, faculty, and staff of locations for classes and events, including those scheduled on all HSC campuses in South Texas.

Registered student, faculty, and staff organizations may reserve facilities for authorized meetings, study-group workshops, lectures, receptions, and other events through University Scheduling. Available facilities include a wide range of large and small classrooms, lecture halls, the Holly Auditorium, and several breezeways and courtyards in outdoor areas. To reserve a room for your next event, complete the Room Reservation Request form online and e-mail . For additional information please call 562-5695 or visit the University Scheduling office located in Building 8.

photo of Rosa Ramirez Rosa Ramirez,
Academic Programs Coordinator,
(210) 567-2656
photo of Sonia Lopez Sonia Lopez,
Administrative Asst – Senior,
(210) 567-2655
photo of Judy VillarealJudy Villarreal,
Administrative Asst – Associate,
(210) 562-5695