Facility Space Planning and Real Estate Contracts

Lease Policies and Forms


No school, department, center or individual faculty/staff may enter into a lease individually.  All leases must go thru the Office of Facility Space Planning and Real Estate.


 All Health Science Center leases must follow the state leasing guidelines and be administered by the Office of Facility Space Planning and Real Estate Contracts.   

Any lease entered into without following the specific processes will become the full responsibility of the individual who signed this lease, this includes all fees associated with the lease.  See HOP Section 9.1.1.

To request lease space, please complete the Space Request Form and submit to the Senior Director of Facility Space Planning and Real Estate Contracts.  The initial request must be approved by the respective Department Chair, Dean and/or Vice President prior to submission.

The request will be reviewed by the Executive Council on Space Management; for approval.  Once approved, the Senior Director will work with the requestor to find appropriate space that meets the functional and financial needs of the requestor as well as all state guidelines.

What is the lease process?

  • Once lease approval has been obtained by the ECSM, the Senior Director will contact the requestor to clarify all necessary space needs.
  • The services of a leasing agent will be secured to locate available space that meets the space needs.
  • Lease proposals will be obtained by several building owners to compare rates and services
  • The Senior Director and leasing agent will negotiate the terms and present each option to the requestor for decision.
  • Once the location has been determined, the Director coordinates a walk-thru of the space with UT Police, Environmental Health and Safety, SNO, Information Security and UT Police.
  • The Senior Director will conduct an ADA review of the space to ensure it meets the Texas Accessibility Standards.  Buildings and/or spaces that do not meet the Texas Accessibility Standards and cannot/will not be corrected cannot be leased by the Health Science Center.
  • The Senior Director will assist with tenant improvements as needed.
  • Please allow ample time to secure a lease.  The entire process can take as much as six months.