Property Control

Property Control

Kit Ramzinski

Property Control Manager

For complete property control guidance, please review the HOP, Chapter 6.3: Property Control

The Office of Property Control assists departments in safeguarding of institutional furniture and equipment and providing appropriate tagging and timely accounting for such assets in accordance with state of Texas and institutional regulations and policies.

The Office of Property Control oversees the following:

  • Development of property control policies and procedures.
  • Administration of final disposition of surplus, salvage, damaged, traded-in, cannibalized, transferred, obsolete, lost and stolen property.
  • Administration of the annual physical inventory of the institutional equipment.
  • Ongoing investigations and searches for missing property.
  • Maintenance of inventory records.
  • Reporting of information to the state of Texas Statewide Property Accounting System (SPA).

If you have any purchasing questions, please visit our Property Control Contacts for further assistance.


Property Control

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