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Departmental Deposits

For comprehensive instructions on deposits, please refer to Procedures for Depositing Monies in the Bursar's section of the

Handbook of Operating Procedures.


  • What types of deposits are accepted at the cashier's window?
  • 1. Departmental deposits to institutional accounts for Project ID's that are not restricted funds, are made to the Cashier's Window.

    2. Deposits made to restricted funds, are processed by the Office of Sponsored Programs or the Office of Development.

  • Is there a form required for making deposits to a department account?
  • Accounting has designed a form to be used for all deposits made through the Office of the Bursar. This form has the necessary information to make department deposits.

    Cash Receipt Deposit Voucher


  • Where can I find a list and description of the Account Codes necessary for deposits?
  • A list of account codes may be found on the Accounting webpage:

    Account Codes (.xls)


  • Why can't I mail deposits in inter-campus mail?
  • Inter-campus mail does not offer appropriate security for mailing money of any kind, including petty cash reimbursements which are, essentially, cash.

  • Where is the deposit made?
  • Department deposits should be hand-carried to the Cashier's Window, located in L corridor, next to the office of the Bursar.


  • How often should a deposit be made?
    Deposits over $500 must be made, or prepared for next day deposit, within one business day.