Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Ginny Gomez-Leon, MBA, CPA
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

The Vice President and Chief Financial Officer serves at the pleasure of the President, without fixed term, and performs duties as are assigned by the President. As a staff officer, the Vice President participates in administrative consideration of all policies, plans, and programs of the Health Science Center related to the business and financial operations of the institution.

By delegation from the President, the Vice President may:

  • Represent the Health Science Center in business matters at The University of Texas System and with other external entities as appropriate
  • Recommend annual operating budgets and biennial legislative submissions of the Health Science Center
  • Coordinate and facilitate intra- and inter-organizational business and financial activities and programs

As a line officer, the Vice President is responsible for Medical Services Research and Development Plan; financial operations including accounting, payroll, budget, purchasing, general services and auxiliary enterprises; and other business matters as may be assigned by the President.